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Liara Roux

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Your Travel Sized Sweetheart - Fly Me to You!

As a hand knocks on the door and the handle turns, your heart leaps. In the doorway we stand, for a moment, and then time resumes. We talk, over dinner, across the room, lying beside each other. I smile a wicked little grin. The fun is about to begin. Your eyes trace the curves of my body; you're surprised by the intensity of my gaze. I've been asked how I seem so experienced at such a young age. The answer is simple: I've always pursued my passions, pleasure chief among them. I keep my body au naturel; no shaving, piercings, or tattoos. My breasts are a perky 28DD without enhancement, my skin is supple and soft, and my lips are luscious and welcoming. I'm not afraid to ask for what I want. I want to learn with you; I want to show you the depths and heights that can be reached when you share a room with beautiful girl with an open mind and a shameless smile. I'm quick - tell me what you like and how you like it, and I'll be sure sure to master it. I want you to feel good, to feel cared for, to feel the touch of an empathetic hand. There's something important about physical touch that so many people forget. The ways in which our bodies move allow us to learn more about each other than words could ever express. Our dance of words, intention, flickering eyes and embraces will leave you both known and accepted. I'm comfortable wherever I go; join me for a tour through a museum or an erotic soiree. Let me guide you as you discover fantasies you never even dreamed of and sensations you didn't know you could experience. I respect those who respect me, those who realize that boundaries allow our experience together to transcend any regular interaction. Join me for a moment and carry it with you. I'll never forget our time together.