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GFE Monkey

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Thrill Seeking GFE!!! Adventurous and Uninhibited Pleasure Awaits You! NO FANTASIES ARE OFF LIMITS!

Shhhhhh....This Is My Perfect Secret!
We may have brushed shoulders during the morning commute, maybe even locked eyes for a moment in the elevator, you might have seen me across the table at the board meeting, and you knew then and there that I wasn't your ordinary businesswoman.
You Were Right!
I have always been intrigued by the "working girls" and the secret world of escorts. So one day I took the plunge into the dark abyss of erotic adult dating and have never turned back! By night, the excitement of being a GFE/PSE provider has satisfied all of my inner sensual cravings. Being with a total stranger and getting right down to business turns me on so much, I can't get enough!
I'm getting turned on just typing this and thinking about the next stranger that calls me: 646-535-7923 or txt on what’s app: 585-957-0095 to book a secret rendezvous with me.
I want you to watch risky business with tom cruise and i want to do it with you on the train... just like that!
Quality Experiences is What I Provide, because Its Genuine, Erotic and Spontaneous! To be honest with you I'm not the type that even needs or does it for the money...
I do it just for the Sheer Thrill of what the night brings and the escape from the boring norms of everyday life!
If you are thrill seeker by night and Mr Perfect by day, if you love to do it in the strange places with strangers, where there are no rules but only desires. Let's Get Together!
I hired an assistant during the day while I'm at work, so you can call me anytime she will be able to assist you in booking our time together!
Till we meet in the dark alleyway and i have my way with you or maybe you have you way with me
Hot, wet kisses, Jessica